outfit of choice


Outfit of choice: Feeling blue with the flu


I have been sick with something in between a bad cold and a flu for the past 6 days. Around day 4, I started identifying with Christopher McCandless from Into the Wild. As soon as I was able to remain vertical for longer than an hour at a time, I convinced myself that it was a good idea to go into work. Channeling feelings of defeat and disappointment due to a week of hi-jacked vacation days, I dressed in black and blue for the full hour and a half I made it at work. Upon returning home, I immediately changed back to my matching grey sweatsuit outfit. I suppose I...

Outfit of Choice: 27th Birthday

Diane Von Furstenberg Acid Lemon Dress

My birthday means my rules apply: Neon, oversized crystal, leopard print and David Yurman can be worn all at once. This dress was loud, fabulous and WAY tighter than I had expected. I’m starting to think that only robot women can wear DVF. While being the most unforgiving option I could have chosen, I found myself dress-less and desperate 30 minutes before I was supposed to meet a group for my birthday. Spanx didn’t even stand a chance against the neoprene material. I paired this with a J. Crew statement necklace that was generously given to me as a bridesmaid’s gift by my sister-in-law and a pair of leopard print...