3 Products to Help Punch Out Under Eye Circles


I openly admit that I don’t enjoy sleeping at this time in my life. There are so many other things I’d rather be doing and my brain always wants to index all of those things, one by one, as soon as I lay my head down on the pillow each night. I force an average of about 5.5-6 hours which works out fine except for occasional mental fogginess and the fact that I wear the effects on my face in the form of under eye circles. Luckily, there are many makeup solutions to combat the physical effects of a less-than-stellar sleep schedule.

My tried and true #1 under-eye concealer option is Bobby Brown’s Correctoricon in light to medium bisque. It has a great consistency, is very easy to blend, and is the perfect shade to combat the bluish purple shadow created by my inability to log eight hours of sleep. The only negative is that it comes in a pretty small pot, although it serves as a good reminder not to layer it on – a little goes a long way. I can tell when I put too much on because someone will quickly tell me that it looks like “something orange is smudged under my eye.” Not much else to say on this one except 1) the Sephora staff touts this as one of the best, and 2) you have to go in and get a color match since there are a lot of options.

The One Concealericonby Napoleon Perdis began as an impulse purchase two weeks before my wedding. I bought three other Napoleon Perdis products, but this is the only one that has lasted and proven it’s worth in my makeup bag. Shockingly this little jar has lasted me two years. I was surprised upon opening it to see how rich and orangey the pigment is, especially because the brand only produced one shade for a while. The hardest part was figuring out how to apply the small amount you need without getting it caked under your fingernail and on your finger. It is extremely effective but also has the power to stain like the anther of a lily flower. You need to be a master blender if you are going to choose this as your concealer. Because this is so pigmented and saturated in color the ladies at Ulta suggested that I buy the Concealer Pen icon to you later although now I see they have developed a lighter version of this pot which probably renders the pen obsolete.

Last on my list is fake up by benefit cosmetics. This was an easy sell for me since one of my biggest complaints of under eye corrector is the inevitable creasing. This product incorporates a moisturizing ring around the concealer stick to decrease the crease factor. The actual color of this concealer is lighter in shade, but thinner in consistency so it’s more difficult to cake it on. If anything, the moisturizer acts like a paint thinner so you know you’ve gone too far as soon as your under eye starts looking reflective and shiny. I like to use this on top of the 2 above.

For any of the options I mentioned, or for any other under eye concealer that exists, here are some best practices I’ve discovered:

  • Don’t be fooled into thinking lighter will be better. You are using principles of art and color theory to create an even skin tone. Lighter just accentuates the fact that the skin under your eyes is a different tone than the rest of your face. Orange beats blue. Red beats purple.
  • Your finger is often the best application tool. DAB, don’t SWIPE.
  • Blend farther down your face than the natural arc of the skin under your eye. Creating a harsh line at the exact end of your under eye circle creates the dreaded raccoon face – even if it’s an orange raccoon.
  • BLEND.
  • If you’re looking to avoid spending money on looking refreshed, sleep more. For now, I choose the option to buy my way into looking awake.
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