Dollars for Scents: Juliette Has A Gun Perfume

Juliette Has A Gun Miss Charming
[dropcap]Product Review[/dropcap] This is arguably the most expensive beauty item I’ve ever bought. I love this perfume so much that I frequently check to make sure it’s still available for purchase online, and toy with the idea of buying a back-up in case a beauty apocalypse wipes out all traces of this French import. [col_half] IMG_8448[/col_half]

The weird obsession I have with this scent developed as a result accidental spill while at work, which makes me feel like fate itself prompted me to fork over my $90. After receiving a sample from Birchbox and before I could form an opinion about it, I tossed the tiny vile in my bag to have on hand in case of an emergency. One day while ripping through the survival kit that is my everyday bag, the bottle flew out, shattered and sprayed a thin layer of scent all over my faux leather office chair. I was bummed to waste the sample but more concerned that I clearly violated an unwritten rule of office culture which is never spray any noticeable scent in a shared space. [pull_quote align=’right’] Office faux pas: Without the distraction of a noisy bar or alcohol to dilute the senses, perfume should never be full-force applied in an enclosed space while in close proximity to others. Stick to hand soap or a mild lotion if you have issues with your natural scent. [/pull_quote]

For that next week, I kept seeking out the subtle but intoxicating scent which was lingering on my chair and developing in complexity like an expensive wine. At one point, after most of my colleagues left for the day, I put a centimeter space between my nose and the pleather seat and proceeded to trace the leftover smell all over the chair with the zeal of a drug-sniffing dog picking up a scent at the airport. After realizing that this perfume now had the power to literally bring me to my knees, I knew it was time to shell out the dollars and rack up some Birchbox points in the meantime.

Description: Exotic and rich floral notes. A slow development of scent on the skin that unfolds over time – the active scent that is applied on the skin smells very different than the lingering scent left on clothing/textiles (and pleather). There is a subtle hint of powder and musk, but Bulgarian rose and spicey notes prevent this perfume from veering into “grandma” territory.

Price: $90.

Best for: Daytime wear.

Bonus points: Stellar packaging.

Buy it here: Birchbox.

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