BB Cream: Is it worth it?

Dr Jart Black Label BB Cream from Sephora

BB Cream (which stands for Beauty Balm) is everywhere. They have become so popular that the beauty industry is continuing down the alphabet creating both CC and DD creams. This product has proved itself although may not be an absolute necessity for everyday wear. It works to neutralize your skin tone and create a foundation from which you will need to re-add color and tone. Stepping out with JUST a layer of BB cream on will leave you looking washed out.
Dr Jart Black Label BB Cream from Sephora

  • You don’t need a primer if you use BB cream.
  • While creating a more polished look in person, it does not photograph well – you will look flatter and pastier on film.
  • It has a grey tint which neutralizes redness – good for uneven skin tones.
  • It’s hydrating which means it offers no shine prevention – beware.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Top brands: Dr. Jart+, Smashbox.
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