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ASOS Unstructured Blazer Work Outfit
[col_half] There are many life moments that remind you not to take yourself too seriously. I am attending a work conference this week that is taking place in Chicago. I love events in town because it allows me to venture off the path of my daily commute and become a tourist in my own city. I make sure to dress on-trend and even sacrificed my feet in an attempt to look fabulous in transit on my first day… (continued below) [/col_half][col_half_last]Social Media Week[/col_half_last]
ASOS Unstructured Blazer Work Outfit
Day one of Social Media Week Chicago.

As a result, I feel pretty fierce for a Monday. In a herd of tourists and business people I break into a stretch of free space and suddenly my walk becomes a little more intentional, more stylized – more like a prance. The traffic noises fade out and the sun’s reflection off the high rises turn the street into a mega-catwalk. I sneak a very quick and covert glance in a nearby window in order to take an inventory of myself in the reflection. I make sure to keep the momentum moving forward so this moment of blatant narcissism won’t be noticed by the strangers around me.[col_half]

Photo courtesy of art.com
Photo courtesy of art.com
[/col_half] [col_half_last]Then, mid stride, as I attempt to lift my back leg to the front, I feel it rip backwards as though all the energy I’m putting into walking forward is now being sucked into the ground behind me. My body moves, but my shoe doesn’t. The herd of people catch up to me and begin rushing over me and now I am a sad salmon going against a stream of gawking tourists. People look down at my heel lodged in the subway grate with the same judgement that I have when I see business suits paired with sneakers. With a deflated ego, I dislodge my heel and pull off to the side to switch into my back up shoes.[/col_half_last]

[col_half] GC_Shoes_Christina_Flat [/col_half] [col_half_last] [dropcap] Takeaways: [/dropcap]
  • Don’t be judgemental of others because Karma is gonna get you and your shoes.
  • Always bring back up flats to work conferences longer than 5 hours.
  • [/checklist][/col_half_last]
    [dropcap] The breakdown: [/dropcap]
    Blazer: Asos.com.
    Pants: J. Crew Minnie $89. Get them for less here.
    Sunglasses:Ebay.com $5.99. For sale here.
    Necklace: Tiffany & Co., currently for sale on Ebay.
    Bag: An expensive one
    by Chloe. And an inexpensive one
    by Wyatt. (Bonus points: it’s vegan!)
    Nails: L.A. Flare, $1.99. On the cheap shelf at Walgreens.
    Shoes: Urban Outfitters.
    Back-up shoes: GC Shoes from DSW although not currently available online.
    Shop similar here

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