Fringe Benefits: 6 Jewelry Picks for Cheap


Whenever I revisit Forever21’s online catalogue it’s not long before I’m saying to myself “How do they do it?!” While extremely cheap quality and sickeningly trendy style remains at their core, the brand does offer some undeniably cute jewelry and clothing… and it’s all DIRT cheap. So, how DO they do it? If you think about it logically, you can figure out the answer for yourself. If you can’t figure it out, then refer to their long history of labor violations both in the US and abroad – hint: 12 cents is the going rate for a vest that sells for $13.80. (That makes the going rate for a $2.80 pair of earrings….. $.02?) Any company that can provide an efficient solution for lazy American consumers is paving a path to success. In the case of F21, they copy the work of esteemed designers so we don’t actually have to know what’s going on in fashion, we just get to scrape the surface, wear our tassels and peplum, and feel like we’ve got a good grip on the scene. Plus, they’re not customer focused which means more money stays in their pockets. Have you ever tried to return anything to Forever21? Not easy. You’re stuck with it for life. Or until you’re over it, and you re-sell it online for pennies.

In true hypocritical fashion, I am now highlighting some winners from their jewelry category. I have been obsessed with Tassels and Fringe so I was shamefully delighted to see that F21 provides a bevy of options to suit my end-of-summer non-existent budget.

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Standout Fringed Bib Necklace $10.80icon

Sleek Tassel Drop Earrings $6.80icon

Chain Tassel Necklace $7.80 icon

Linear Chain Fringe Necklace $10.80icon

Chain Fringe Earrings $4.80icon

Chained Lariat Necklace $4.80icon

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