20-somethings: The fallacy of learning


I turned 27 in 2013 and like many who start viewing birthdays as a countdown rather than a celebration, this caused me strife. Since I no longer flank the official mid-twenties mark of 25, I try to take an inventory of what this new age means and how I stack up against the expectations that one faces in their late-mid twenties. [col_half] [/col_half] [col_half_last] Attempting to identify the origin of age-related stress, I realize that I’ve been living with the fallacy that my period of curiosity, learning, and being a student were over. I had this unrealistic idea that once you reach your late twenties, you were supposed to have...

An Open Letter to Forever 21: Get your ship(ping) together


Dear Forever 21, You’re missing an opportunity and it’s called post-25-year-old millennials. Since graduating college, we are too busy and self-important to shop at your physical stores, too impatient to rifle through your endless pages of online options, and have become savvy enough to know it’s not worth investing serious dollars in single row stitching and Katy Perry inspired prints. But all love is not lost: I will still come running back to you when I have important adult business like my pajama bar crawl this weekend. And I know you still care about me, Forever 21, because I’ve watched your style and your clothing assortment not only grow to...

DVF: Fall/Winter 2013-14 fashion editor fail


Taking into account the back story of my recent love affair with Diane Von Furstenberg which began with a surprise vintage wrap dress purchase (and has since spiraled out of control, hence the over-analyzation of everything they do), I felt disappointed and a disconnect upon encountering the Fall/Winter 2013-14 campaign. To the point of being detrimental, the accessories take center stage in almost every ad. Juxtaposing electric purple leather with a questionably gilded logo treatment transforms this into something more in line with a GUESS ad. I didn’t realize that this fact can translate to print, but gold can easily look cheap. And cheap it looks. Which sets the tone...

Outfit of Choice: 27th Birthday

Diane Von Furstenberg Acid Lemon Dress

My birthday means my rules apply: Neon, oversized crystal, leopard print and David Yurman can be worn all at once. This dress was loud, fabulous and WAY tighter than I had expected. I’m starting to think that only robot women can wear DVF. While being the most unforgiving option I could have chosen, I found myself dress-less and desperate 30 minutes before I was supposed to meet a group for my birthday. Spanx didn’t even stand a chance against the neoprene material. I paired this with a J. Crew statement necklace that was generously given to me as a bridesmaid’s gift by my sister-in-law and a pair of leopard print...