Summer Tweed, Makes Me Feel Fine

summer tweed

The title is a riff off a song lyric by the one-hit-wonder group, Seals and Crofts in case that wasn’t clear. I love tweed. I love fall/winter because of the abundance of tweed. This distinct style of woven fabric is an iconic representation of traditional Irish and Scottish outerwear and apparel. Similar to the evolution of lacoste, which began as activewear, the various patterns of tweed morphed to represent the leisure activities of the elite in more modern times. Thanks to Chanel, J. Crew, Tory Burch and Zara, variations and reincarnations of tweed are found everywhere. And now this fabrication, synonymous with the cold weather, is available all year round....

What I’ve Learned From Luxury Resale: Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten Quote

Since shopping on TheRealReal.com, I have learned a few valuable lessons, particularly when it comes to footwear: Americans have enormous feet. A couple numbers get lost in translation when buying Italian and French footwear. American sizing does not directly translate so while a 39 may show up as “9” on a chart, you are a 10… or 10.5. Sad, but true. I spend more money re-buying crappy shoes than I would purchasing one pair of high-quality shoes. I can better identify my style preference and proactively learn about brands that cater to my aesthetic vs. being told what is fashionable by social media and fashion magazines. Example: I love Belgian...

A Cleanse-hater’s First Cleanse: 5 Days as a Raw Vegan


Let me start by saying that I think juice cleanses are a load of bullshit and perhaps one of the most successful marketing ploys of modern culture. I am baffled that a trend so loosely rooted in nutritional fact has convinced so many people to part with hundreds of dollars to engage in a socially acceptable form of starvation. Additionally, I blame the social glorification of emaciated, scantily-clad Californian females subsisting solely on fresh air and over-priced juice for perpetuating my negative opinion on cleansing (and for ruining my Instagram feed). Since working at my new job that is within the natural and organic space, I have become more comfortable...