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Dollars for Scents: Juliette Has A Gun Perfume

Juliette Has A Gun Miss Charming

[dropcap]Product Review[/dropcap] This is arguably the most expensive beauty item I’ve ever bought. I love this perfume so much that I frequently check to make sure it’s still available for purchase online, and toy with the idea of buying a back-up in case a beauty apocalypse wipes out all traces of this French import. [col_half] [/col_half] The weird obsession I have with this scent developed as a result accidental spill while at work, which makes me feel like fate itself prompted me to fork over my $90. After receiving a sample from Birchbox and before I could form an opinion about it, I tossed the tiny vile in my bag...

Summer Savior – Stay Don’t Stray by Benefit

Stay Don't Stray

Chicago summers often leave my skin feeling slick and oily from what I like to call “city grit.” No mascara stands a chance with this kind of humidity but Benefit’s “Stay Don’t Stray” came to my rescue. The immediate benefit (pardon the pun) is the smudge protection but it also helps blend undereye concealer which is typically a thicker consistency and sometimes leaves a harsh line at the top of the cheekbone. [button color=’blue’ url=’’ target=’_self’] BUY IT [/button] Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray Stay-put Primer for Concealers & Eye Shadows (Light/medium)...