Shop: Rag & Bone for under $250


For the most part, I stay true to my stance that label-shopping is a cop out. However, like classic Chanel, or Tory Burch shoes, sometimes a brand just get it right. This is the shoe that started it all: the stupidly expensive Harrow Bootie. Since discovering and falling in love with this shoe (but all the while keeping a safe distance from), I have been on a mission to somehow acquire Rag & Bone, without forfeiting my rent. Bib & Tuck is a great upscale resale site that differentiates itself in the following ways: they understand the style preferences of their target demographic subject certain brand submissions to review before...

Outfit of Choice: Halloween 2014


There are certain days of your life that require extra attention to detail regarding apparel choices: your wedding day, birthdays, christenings, and of course, Halloween. Every few months I find a song that truly moves me and in this case, the obsession is with the song AND a video. Kiesza’s “Hideaway” has rocked my socks to the point of where I have been carefully sourcing a costume for the past two months to debut on Halloween. I have watched this video dozens of times, mainly so I can corner some key moves to replicate on the dance floor. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. “Simplicity… is the most...

End of Summer Romper Roundup

Photo cred: Brit + Co.

My husband says that rompers are the equivalent of men wearing t-shirts and socks with no pants. It is true, some rompers are awful and do nothing for a woman’s body. And some bodies are just not meant for rompers (my own included). Yet I am intrigued by rompers and jumpsuits. Maybe it’s the convenience and efficiency of an all-in-one outfit or the practicality of wearing glorified shorts, or that fact that only certain people can pull off this look successfully and that makes everybody want to try it. If my husband didn’t shudder upon hearing the words “romper” and “jumpsuit” I would buy these: ASOS Playsuit in Floral Printed...