Summer Tweed, Makes Me Feel Fine

summer tweed

The title is a riff off a song lyric by the one-hit-wonder group, Seals and Crofts in case that wasn’t clear. I love tweed. I love fall/winter because of the abundance of tweed. This distinct style of woven fabric is an iconic representation of traditional Irish and Scottish outerwear and apparel. Similar to the evolution of lacoste, which began as activewear, the various patterns of tweed morphed to represent the leisure activities of the elite in more modern times. Thanks to Chanel, J. Crew, Tory Burch and Zara, variations and reincarnations of tweed are found everywhere. And now this fabrication, synonymous with the cold weather, is available all year round....

Shop: A Great and Easy Gift Option for your Mom/Girlfriend/Wife/Other


Before my introduction to Barefoot Dreams, I would have put robes next to bath salts, ties and cheese knives in the lame-gift corner. However, this robe is unparalleled and redefined what I thought to be the optimal at-home lounging experience. When I am at home- morning, noon or night- this robe is not farther than 2 feet from me at any given time. Literally, I am touching it right now. I was recently gifted this Barefoot Dreams for a second time, and found almost the same if not more joy than the first time I received it. The double-gifting was not an accident and was separated by two years –...

Shop: 5 Furry Winter Boots that Aren’t Sorels or Uggs


Boots are pricey and there is no way around it. Good winter boots are made from heavy-duty materials and need to serve a functional purpose other than looking good, so you want to make sure that you’re paying money to effectively protect yourself against the elements. Nothing makes me cringe more than shelling out money on something that doesn’t offer any “visual delight” whatsoever. Luckily many brands are resolving this conundrum by taking into account form AND function, but I’m always shocked that despite the wide-variety world of winter-wear, people seem to be walking around with slightly different versions of the exact same boots. Uggs and Sorel reign superior but...

Drool: 10 Favorite Designer Booties for under $500

Indulge your champagne taste and get these designer booties for 90% off.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin You can buy authentic designer items for up to 90% off. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong, and here’s why: we all have too much shit, and most of us at some point have made an impulsive decision to buy something only to find out six months later that we don’t really need it… and may not even like it anymore. The RealReal is the real deal and now you can benefit from others’ impulsive shopping and reckless spending habits. On top of the baseline savings, get 20% off your first purchase. Use promo code FIRST20 at checkout. I’ve gone ahead and picked...