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Brand Story: Wrigley’s says Sayonara CMO; Sponsorships, etc.


Why do I care to write about Wrigley’s? Maybe it’s because I currently live in their home base city of Chicago. – their prime billboard real estate serves as a reminder every time I drive home – not to mention the whole stadium thing. Or it could be due to the fact that one of my evangelical product obsessions is 5 gum in the Cobalt flavor. A bad childhood habit of biting my nails has been replaced with incessant gum chewing – and my grandmother will you tell you it’s arguably a worse habit. Either way, Wrigley’s has become relevant to more people than just me because of the recent...

Brand Story: My FIT Food’s WOM Victory


Word of mouth marketing is powerful: There are eight females standing around before a gym class waiting for the instructor. No one knows each other and nobody is really interacting, except for two girls who are chatting about their post-holiday workout plans and expectations. One of the girls then states that she’s lost 7 pounds since January 8th by using this new food delivery service. In an instant, all 6 other girls, including myself, turn our attention to the girl and begin to engage in this conversation. “Wait, what is it called?” “Where did you find it?” “How much is it?” It’s almost as if another diet delivery service has...

Brand Story: Wavy Lays ‘Party of 1’

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I rarely invest energy in analyzing food marketing so this post may be a result of watching too much Hulu and the repetitive advertising loop that comes with it. A recent Lays commercial goes beyond the typical cliché of women sensuously eating unhealthy snack food and really struck a nerve. And not in the Chapstick sense which is one giant generalization based off a chauvinistic stereotype*, but in a dim-witted uncreative way that leaves viewers feeling… sad. Think about this in non TV-land and try to extract the cheerful musical accompaniment. A young, attractive made-up woman begins the night preparing for a low-key house-warming, which we know based off the...

DVF: Fall/Winter 2013-14 fashion editor fail


Taking into account the back story of my recent love affair with Diane Von Furstenberg which began with a surprise vintage wrap dress purchase (and has since spiraled out of control, hence the over-analyzation of everything they do), I felt disappointed and a disconnect upon encountering the Fall/Winter 2013-14 campaign. To the point of being detrimental, the accessories take center stage in almost every ad. Juxtaposing electric purple leather with a questionably gilded logo treatment transforms this into something more in line with a GUESS ad. I didn’t realize that this fact can translate to print, but gold can easily look cheap. And cheap it looks. Which sets the tone...