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Here’s an interestingly situated shopping opportunity for you: Warby Parker,a store that began exclusively online, then moved into brick and mortar, is now selling as a curated capsule collection through Nordstromicon has now sanctioned glasses as cool and Warby as eyewear purveyor of cool. I appreciate Nordstrom attempting to keep it fresh with the Pop-Up concept, and giving Director of Creative Projects, Olivia Kim,icon a job that all other e-commerce and merchandising professionals will lust after forever. I also like to call her by her unofficial title, Chief Imitator of Jenna Lyons.

Jealousy aside, Warby Parker is great and for $95 including lenses, you can’t beat it. Nordstrom has great rewards, shipping and customer service so I am happy they are lending a co-branded hand to Warby. I am hoping to see some exclusive styles as part of this pop-up because the specs game has changed and rather than getting compliments, you get, “Are those Warby Parker? Upton style in Sea Smoke Tortoise? I just bought those!” No longer is your alternative fashion statement a statement of individuality. No, they are safe, expected and trendy (sorry hipsters). I experienced this first-hand with my first pair of WP glasses. I was experimenting with my personal brand and thought bold glasses could be a nice visual differentiator. I purchased Marshall frames in Rum Cherry to provide an all out attack on the senses when meeting someone new. A few weeks after receiving my glasses, I was out for a spin and neglected to keep my foot firmly on the brakes at a stop sign. I rolled gently into the car in front of me and tapped the bumper enough for the driver aggressively vacate her car and approach me. It didn’t take long for me to see through my crystal clear new lenses that she was wearing the Marshall frames in Rum Cherry as well! I may have interrupted her melodramatic tirade to ask her if those frames were in fact Warby Parker. (They were). I figured she would have felt some kind of kinship due to our similar style preference, but no, she would later go on to claim neck pain and launch an intense assault on my insurance. Those glasses have since remained in the glove compartment as the “car glasses”.

Here are the glasses I am looking at for 2016:

Photo note: This woman pictured above is NOT the woman in my story. This is a fellow blogger behind Wardrobe Oxygen, who just happens to be wearing Warby's Marshall frames in Rum Cherry. I hope she kept them, because they are working for her!

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