Brand Story: My FIT Food’s WOM Victory


Word of mouth marketing is powerful:

There are eight females standing around before a gym class waiting for the instructor. No one knows each other and nobody is really interacting, except for two girls who are chatting about their post-holiday workout plans and expectations. One of the girls then states that she’s lost 7 pounds since January 8th by using this new food delivery service. In an instant, all 6 other girls, including myself, turn our attention to the girl and begin to engage in this conversation. “Wait, what is it called?” “Where did you find it?” “How much is it?” It’s almost as if another diet delivery service has never existed. Turns out, you need to go pick up your food twice a week, it is expensive and pretty regimented. All criteria that would lead to potential failure for any well-intentioned dieter. But none of those logical factors seemed to hinder anyone’s enthusiasm and 2 girls were actually on their phones searching for it within minutes. I bet with a mobile optimized site or a one-click purchase option, My FIT Foods might have even gotten a customer out of this group in less than 6 minutes.


As a marketer I couldn’t help but marvel the scenario unfolding in front of me. My goal is to foster these conversations and lead people to the “discovery” with as little spend as possible. Despite the billion+ dollars that is spent on advertising in the diet and weight loss industry, this one stranger had the power to pitch and sell an expensive, inconvenient, impractical, and generally unfamiliar service to 6 new potential customers. I wonder if she needs a tutor?

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