You know you’ve lost your mind to “fashion” if…

Dragoo Fendi Keychain Fall 2013

…you own THIS:

This is the dumbest thing ever created.
This is the dumbest thing ever created.

Meet Fendi’s Buggie Collection, also called “Bag Bugs”. They are $700 each. And, obviously, you just HAVE to have the whole collection. Owning one of these is evidence that you have succumbed to the cult world of “fashion” and you no longer have ownership of your common sense. This is also precisely why I hate “fashion”.
[col_half] The latest Fendi accessory is so useless that net-a-porter felt it necessary to take a close up shot of the metal keyring, because there is literally nothing else to photograph. It’s impossible to optimize on the product level, so they are grasping at straws. This must mean that as a culture we are running out of ways to publicly yet subtly express to others that we have more expendable income than they do. And that we are part of this elite fashion “club” that knows, as of Fall 2013, it is “in” to wear a fur monster puff-ball on your already over-priced bag. Yes, this little accessory to an accessory not only required the slaughter of mystical blue foxes to obtain their rare and luxurious fur, but the 2 sq. inch of leather is SO luxurious beyond any other high end patch of leather that it warrants a $700 price point. [/col_half] [col_half_last] Fendi key ring monster bag charm [/col_half_last] The more I read about this latest collection, the more I’m convinced that someone at Fendi went on one too many Ayahuasca retreats last year. Or perhaps, like romantic relationships in Hollywood, this all boils down to PR and is a giant fabrication. So, Fendi: either way, you win. Because I am writing about it. Public, decide for yourself:

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