What I’ve Learned From Luxury Resale: Dries Van Noten

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Since shopping on, I have learned a few valuable lessons, particularly when it comes to footwear: Americans have enormous feet. A couple numbers get lost in translation when buying Italian and French footwear. American sizing does not directly translate so while a 39 may show up as “9” on a chart, you are a 10… or 10.5. Sad, but true. I spend more money re-buying crappy shoes than I would purchasing one pair of high-quality shoes. I can better identify my style preference and proactively learn about brands that cater to my aesthetic vs. being told what is fashionable by social media and fashion magazines. Example: I love Belgian...

Meet Marni, the Italian Luxury Fashion Brand


I discovered the brand Marni though The RealReal, and liked the quirky retro vibe particularly when it came to shoes. Sad to learn that the brand gained popularity for its use of fur. So… I will not be purchasing anything from this brand, but it doesn’t hurt to look: Marni Sandals Price: $125.00 Marni Platforms Sandals w/ Tags Price: $195.00 Marni Platform Sandals Price: $130.00 Marni Platform Sandals Price: $110.00 Marni Pumps Price: $155.00 Marni Pumps Price: $110.00 Marni Booties Price: $110.00 Marni Boots Price: $130.00 Marni Boots Price: $130.00...

Shop: Warby Parker @ Nordstrom


Shop Warby Parker at Nordtrom Here’s an interestingly situated shopping opportunity for you: Warby Parker,a store that began exclusively online, then moved into brick and mortar, is now selling as a curated capsule collection through Nordstrom has now sanctioned glasses as cool and Warby as eyewear purveyor of cool. I appreciate Nordstrom attempting to keep it fresh with the Pop-Up concept, and giving Director of Creative Projects, Olivia Kim, a job that all other e-commerce and merchandising professionals will lust after forever. I also like to call her by her unofficial title, Chief Imitator of Jenna Lyons. Jealousy aside, Warby Parker is great and for $95 including lenses, you...

Shop: A Great and Easy Gift Option for your Mom/Girlfriend/Wife/Other


Before my introduction to Barefoot Dreams, I would have put robes next to bath salts, ties and cheese knives in the lame-gift corner. However, this robe is unparalleled and redefined what I thought to be the optimal at-home lounging experience. When I am at home- morning, noon or night- this robe is not farther than 2 feet from me at any given time. Literally, I am touching it right now. I was recently gifted this Barefoot Dreams for a second time, and found almost the same if not more joy than the first time I received it. The double-gifting was not an accident and was separated by two years –...