THE BLOG A Diamond in the Scuff is primarily a brand commentary that chronicles my journey (and over-analyzation) of the consumer e-commerce experience. Quality products and the brand leaders that stand the test of time should be revered. I also talk a lot about clothing. What you put on your body is the most accessible and practical way to express creativity on a day to day basis. I have a lot of “things” as a result of my experimentation and borderline obsession with the online consumer experience, so I will also talk about some of my favorite “things” and why I think they are great.

Due to my short attention span, the wasteful nature of consumerism and my contradictory belief in sustainability and environmental consciousness, re-sale has become my niche of choice within the “fashion blog” realm. You will periodically see listings, hosted by eBay. One of the greatest by-products of thrift and vintage shopping is the opportunity to take risks, to learn about the evolution of iconic brands and the economy of fashion.

vintage lacoste
ABOUT ME I have lived in Baltimore, London, DC Metro area (Go Terps!), San Francisco and Chicago. London will always rank first on my list of places I want to live as I’ve realized I am too high-strung for the West Coast but don’t have good enough posture for the East Coast. I have a background in e-commerce, PR, and now marketing for a digital Marketing company (inception?). As a Fine Arts/ Art History major, I have an appreciation for good design and a preoccupation with aesthetics that manifests in all areas of my life.
Full disclosure: Typically, I contribute to this blog between the hours of 5:30-7:30AM before I go to work. Sorry in advance for any typos, grammatical errors, or broken links. Errors bother me too, so leave me a comment if you find something.

Personal “fashion” mantras:

I can count the number of times I have bought clothing for full retail price on two hands. 85% of my wardrobe is second-hand.

I hate malls. Going to a mall or shopping exclusively at stores like Express, Gap, Old Navy, etc., is the equivalent of eating Oscar Mayer’s lunchables every day. Pre-packaged, easy and caters to the masses. (Note: J crew is different because Jenna Lyons is a creative genius.)

If I were in a position to express myself creatively through other means on a more regular basis, I would probably care less about what I wear.

I believe that experiences are always worth more than tangible goods.